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Beachcomber Resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL
February 25-28, 2022

Imagine having a healed relationship and a fully open heart that can give and receive the love
you've been craving.

Join us for four days and three nights of one-on-one sessions guided by Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Couple's Counselor, Reconnection Workshops, Holistic Healing, Beachfront Couple's Yoga, and more...

Infinite couple's experience
All-Inclusive Couple's retreat

Are you struggling to connect with your partner?

Have life's challenges and responsibilities put your relationship on the back burner?

Are you feeling lonely, angry, or frustrated with your relationship?


It's common for couples to experience challenges at some point within their relationship that leaves either or both partners feeling disconnected and often dissatisfied. Feeling lost and frustrated, not knowing what to do or whom to talk to about their experience.

Infinite Intimacy’s Couples Retreats empowers committed couples through a journey of love and healing to rekindle passion and satisfaction while developing a deeper connection with themselves and their partners. Through compassionate therapeutic workshops and one-on-one experiences, our clients develop the confidence and courage to show up as their true selves in life and their relationship.

Join us at The Beachcomber Resort & Club

from February 25th through the 28th for an

all-inclusive couple's retreat that will

transform your relationship.

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Here Is What Awaits You On This Much Needed Getaway:

  • Luxury Accommodations – Immerse yourself for 4-days and 3-nights at The Beachcomber Resort & Club in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This beautiful beach front, boutique hotel is the perfect hideaway to replenish and restore your energy and your intimate connections. 

  • Relationship Renewal – Experience the opportunity to disconnect from all of the distractions, demands and responsibilities in your daily life so that you can reconnect with your partner and reignite that passion within. 

  • Private Couple’s Sessions – Receiving Intimacy Coaching from our Certified Sex Therapsit will help you identify any disconnections in your relationship while providing you with tools and resources to enrich and enliven your bond.    

  • Reconnection Workshops – Our Licensed Massage Therapist is ready to teach you how to elevate your sense of touch, while our Intimacy Coach is excited to help you and your partner reignite your sensual side. 

  • Holistic Healing – Our Reiki Master and Integrative Holistic Psychotherapist is prepared to help you purify and energize your soul connection through sound bowl healing and ancient practices.

  • Transformative Couple’s Experiences – Break through the elusiveness of intimate connections by shattering unrealistic expectations to provide clarity of each partner’s perspective so that both partners feel validated and valued. 

  • Beachfront Couple’s Yoga – Learn how improving your flexibility in both your body and your approach to your partner can strengthen your relationship, while breathing techniques can help you find peace and comfort in your relationship.   

  • Unforgettable Date Night – Experience the ultimate date night, where you will be able to explore some of South Florida’s hottest spots. This trip will have memories to last a lifetime. 


Through compassionate therapeutic groups and services led by our team of heart-centered professionals, you will develop the confidence and courage to show up as your true self in life and your relationship.

Are you ready to experience cohesion, comfort and joy with your partner?

Infinite Intimacy’s couple’s workshops and retreats will help you find the freedom within your relationship to develop a deeper connection with your partner. We will break through the elusiveness of intimate connections by shattering unrealistic expectations, providing clarity of each partner’s perspective, and developing more open and honest communication to learn how to express your wants and needs so that both partners feel heard, understood, validated, valued and cared for. 


Our events are exclusive - small, private, and intimate. Our workshops and retreats are often held in locations that take your breath away so that you can get away to get swept away again with your partner. 


For more information on upcoming events, sign up for the Infinite Intimacy newsletter and follow our social media platforms…

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Are you ready to get to know your partner on a deeper level?