Meet Ashleigh

Ashleigh is a Licensed Massage therapist, a 200 hour Yoga Instructor, and a Certified Life Coach.

After a near-fatal accident that changed the trajectory of her life in a multitude of ways, Ashleigh embarked on a spiritual path of yoga and mindfulness, sending her down a path of personal healing from which she now helps others. 

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My Story

Ashleigh was lucky enough to be raised with some knowledge of yoga as a child. Her grandmother, who had used yoga pranayama (breathing techniques) to help her quit smoking and reduce her stress, made sure to pass these techniques on to her grandchildren, buying them children’s yoga books and teaching them mindfulness and breathing practices. However, it wasn’t until Ashleigh decided to leave her corporate life behind and become a full time massage therapist, that her spirituality and yoga tools were truly put to the test. She had no clue who she was without her corporate titles. That departure also happened to coincide with the end of a long term committed relationship, leaving her with two major life changes that led to her questioning her worth, her confidence, and her abilities and capacity for love and connection, especially the love she had for herself.

Enter a third life changing decision – Ashleigh decided to move to Seattle, Washington for a fresh start, where she began to build her solo massage practice and found her way back to a daily practice of yoga. Wanting to go deeper on her spiritual journey, Ashleigh decided to travel to Bali to enter into a month-long study of yoga to become an instructor. At the time it wasn’t her intention to teach, only to heal herself. However, as her massage practice started to grow, she noticed how her yoga practice directly complimented and enhanced her massage practice. As her confidence returned, some of her massage clients became her first yoga students. 

Being a true believer of the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit, Ashleigh decided to add Certified Life Coach to her resumé, to further learn the tools to help people see their full potential to heal and grow. With all of these skills and insights, Ashleigh is the perfect person to help you and your partner reconnect on a physical and spiritual level, and she is ready to help you dive deep into the world of flexibility and touch.  

How can yoga help you find a deeper connection with your partner?  

Traditionally, when we think of yoga, it can invoke visions of some super bendy, borderline contortionist, positions. Or maybe the opposite, envisioning someone sitting in a meditative, cross-legged pose saying “OM” as they try to achieve some form of enlightenment. The truth is, yoga is in between both of these states. It is not just the bendy asanas and the meditation, but the doing of both, and a few other practices to make yourself a happier, healthier being. 

Yoga is a practice of gratitude, of patience. A practice of learning to let go, to release tension and bad habits. A practice of being a kinder, gentler, softer individual who, in many ways, becomes stronger through the power of intention. It is learning to be with oneself, learning about that self introspectively, so that you can become more aware of the ways you are showing up in life and your relationships.

Imagine how learning and implementing these skills can transform your relationship…

Through movement, the asana practice brings out flexibility of mind and body. Learning to be more mindful and flexible with the one you love often helps to create more cohesion within relationships, while gains in physical flexibility can be incorporated to enhance your most intimate moments. Experience greater spinal mobility and a better range of motion thanks to healthier joints. Breath work and movement promotes heart health and better circulation, allowing the increase in blood flow to intensify and extend those passionate moments. Breathing techniques, or pranayama, also help to cleanse away stress and tension within the body, opening yourself up to more energy and brighter moods to share with your honey.  

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