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Revitalize  Your  Intimate  Relationship

Curated Couples Retreats to Ignite and Expand Your Connection

Choose from 1, 2 and 3-Day Immersive Experiences to Dive Deep into Your Intimate Connection and Reignite the Flame.


Elevate your intimate connection with our VIP private retreats, featuring 1-3 day immersive experiences that equip you with the tools and knowledge to ignite passion, dedication, and enrichment in your relationship.


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The Foundation

Intimate Connection Restoration

If you're looking to rekindle the flames of your relationship, our retreat focuses on the essential goal of rebuilding the strong foundation of your intimate connection. This program is dedicated to helping couples reignite the passion and intimacy that brought them together.


Understanding Desire Styles

Gain insight into how your unique desire styles impact your connection with your partner. Explore evidence-based assessments that reveal your desires, and learn how to seamlessly integrate these preferences into your intimate relationship, fostering a deeper understanding and closeness.

Discover What Ignites Your Passion

Uncover what truly ignites the flames of passion in your relationship. Our evidence-based assessments guide you in identifying your romantic preferences, allowing you to incorporate these preferences into your intimate moments, enriching your connection with your partner.

Exploring Touch Dynamics

Add variety and excitement to your intimate connection by exploring the different dimensions of touch with your partner. Discover new ways to connect on a physical level, enhancing the depth and diversity of your intimate moments.


Revitalize Your Relationship

Take home a set of exercises designed to reignite the spark in your intimate relationship. These practical exercises will help you reconnect with your partner and reawaken the passion, ensuring a fulfilling and lasting connection.





The Expansion

Ignite and Expand Your Intimate Connection

Tailored for individuals seeking to reignite the flames of passion and take their intimate bond to new heights, our retreats offer a unique opportunity for passionate growth and profound connection.


Discover New Dimensions in Your Relationship

Embark on a journey to explore uncharted territories within your intimate relationship, allowing you to deepen your connection and create lasting memories filled with love and understanding.

Sensual Self Rediscovery

Immerse yourself in the art of sensuality and reconnect with your sensual self. Our program guides you in fully embracing sensual moments, fostering a profound presence during intimate encounters that enrich your relationship.

Mastery of Trust and Communication

Through a series of expertly designed exercises, both verbal and non-verbal, you'll foster trust and enhance communication with your partner. These exercises are tailored to strengthen the foundation of your relationship, ensuring a deeper, more meaningful connection.

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The Depth

Deepen Your Intimate Connection through Spirituality

Our retreat's primary aim is to facilitate a profound deepening of your intimate bond by exploring the intersection of spirituality and love, allowing you to connect on a spiritual level like never before.


Sacred Couples Cacao Ceremony

Immerse yourself in a heart-opening experience with our sacred couples cacao ceremony. This ritual is designed to expand your capacity for love and connection, providing a platform for intention setting and emotional clearing, ultimately fostering a deeper and more meaningful connection between you and your partner.

Learn Tantric Breathing Exercises

Delve into the world of tantric breathing exercises to enhance your sense of unity and synchronicity with your partner. These practices will enable you to feel more in-tune with one another, creating a harmonious and intimate connection.

Energetic Body Connection

Experience the transformative power of connecting your energetic bodies as you explore how this profound connection can strengthen your intimate bond. By harnessing the energy between you and your partner, you'll discover new dimensions of intimacy and connection that can truly elevate your relationship.




Happy Couple on the Beach
You are worthy of a relationship filled with passion, pleasure and magnetic connection. When you are intentional about giving your relationship the time and attention it deserves, you can begin to feel the strength of the bond that holds you together, experiencing your heart more expanded and open to receive the love available between you and your partner. 
You'll Also Receive

Our comprehensive packages offer a luxurious and immersive experience designed to enhance your relationship. Each package includes a relaxing 50-minute couples massage, ensuring you both unwind and connect on a deeper level.


Additionally, upon booking, you'll enjoy a 45-minute virtual consultation, where we'll explore your preferences and assess your needs.


During your stay at our exclusive luxury location in Ft. Lauderdale, you'll receive four hours of private coaching daily, tailored to your unique journey.


To ensure your progress, we provide a 45-minute follow-up call one month after your experience. Plus, immerse yourselves in guided meditations and sound healing sessions, adding a touch of serenity and mindfulness to your retreat.

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Couples Retreats are Led by Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist that specializes in building intimacy within relationships and showing individuals how to cultivate a more meaningful connection with themselves.


She strongly believes the key to experiencing more pleasure is held within the connection we foster with our own sexuality. 

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Please note that although these services are derived from our intimacy coaching program, as an LMFT, Rachel Smith does not have a license to touch her clients.


These experiences are strictly educational with individual/couple guidance and direction of evidenced-based practices to enhance intimacy. If you're looking for a more hands-on approach, please consider a certified sexological body-worker or a sex surrogate.

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