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Meet Rachel

Rachel is the founder of Infinite Intimacy, a collaborative therapeutic and coaching service that helps individuals and couples reconnect and reignite the passion within themselves and their relationship to experience more comfort and joy. She works together with her clients to help them create and embrace a more authentic relationship with themselves and their partner to develop the confidence and freedom necessary to find the intimate connection they have been yearning for. 

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My Story

You deserve to have a thriving relationship, filled with passion, excitement and fulfillment. My mission is to help shed light and foster love within yourself and your relationships, and I'm dedicated to helping you find your voice to create your own love story – outside of what the storybooks and society have to say.

Get Swept Away Again through Intimacy Coaching 


Imagine what it would feel like to rekindle a spark and redevelop a zest for your relationship. Imagine what your relationship would be like when you and your partner have learned how to communicate openly and honestly, where you feel heard and understood and are finally on the same page. Imagine how it will feel when you become comfortable and confident expressing your wants and needs to your partner, knowing that it will be met with care and compassion instead of frustration or rejection. Imagine feeling valued and appreciated for all of the efforts being made toward a better life together. Imagine learning how to maintain a more authentic relationship, allowing yourself to see and be seen in a genuine and accepting way. Imagine finding a balance of time and energy to be able to show up for yourself and your partner, honoring the commitment to make your relationship a priority. Imagine fostering this deeper connection in a way that can lead to more passion, excitement and fulfillment within your relationship. 

This vision is within reach… Our Intimacy Coach offers restorative services that help to immerse you back into your committed relationship so that you can emerge feeling the vibrant, connected couple that you have envisioned. Workshops and retreats are opportunities to disconnect from all of the things vying for your attention so that you can reconnect with your partner to reignite that passion within. Through the coaching process, clients establish more frequent and enhanced intimate moments within the relationship, while developing a stronger, more cohesive partnership.

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