Couples Therapy 

Does the intimacy between you and your partner seem to fade away?

Do you no longer feel a close connection to your partner?

 Are you unable to talk about or experience sexual satisfaction with the one you love?

Has anxiety, embarrassment or resistance taken over your relationship?

Have you gotten so consumed by your daily lives that your relationship has been pushed to the back burner and sex is seldom a part of the routine?  

Are you and your partner constantly on a separate page?

Has your sex life become somewhat boring or mundane and is in need of a little spice?  

If you can relate to any of these struggles, you are not alone! These dilemmas, and many others, often begin with a lack of communication between partners, which can ultimately lead to a disconnect, discontent, disregard, and dissatisfaction within relationships


Let Me Help You Blush as if You’re on Your First Date! 

If these problems are not addressed, many couples reach a state of despair, which can eventually result in the consideration of separation and divorce. The problem can be exasperated even further if "outsourcing" sex and intimacy through extra-marital affairs has occurred, which often leaves one or both partners feeling lonely, abandoned, or not worthy of love.

If you’re looking to save your relationship, you’ve come to the right place. Couples therapy can lead to viable and sustainable resolutions

Are you Ready to Get Swept Away Again?

Infinite Intimacy is a therapeutic service that assists you in finding solutions that helps bring back to life the joy, laughter, passion and connection that may have helped you first fall for your partner. 

By honoring the uniqueness of individuals and couples, Infinite Intimacy offers professional and personalized couples therapy with the keen focus on your issues surrounding sexual intimacy. We work together to create and embrace a more authentic relationship with yourself and your partner to develop the confidence and freedom necessary to find the closeness you and your significant other have been yearning for. 


As a Certified Sex Therapist with an educational background in Marriage and Family Therapy, Couples Therapy with me will help you develop deeper love, respect, and openness within yourself and your relationship. Allow me to be your bridge and your light to a brighter, more vibrant relationship, one filled with pleasure, excitement, clarity and connection to reignite a burning spark between you. 

Let’s Go On a Journey to Find Infinite Solutions!

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