Group Therapy 

Have you ever been with someone who made you feel like you’re not good enough or worthless?

Experiencing performance anxiety in the bedroom?


Experiencing a diminished quality of life due to sexual troubles or insecurities? 

So many of us are faced with these difficult experiences, and it can often make us feel alone, abandoned and unwanted.

I’m Here to Help! 

I’m a Certified Sex Therapist working in South Florida. I have vast, in-field, experience of using multiple therapeutic techniques to help clients who are struggling with a wide range of presenting problems. My clients are able to speak about their present and past sexual experiences, without the fear of being judged, in a group environment with others struggling with similar problems. This process has consistently enabled long-lasting results.

Upon completing my Master’s degree, I worked for 2 years in Substance Abuse Treatment where I developed a Sexual Health in Recovery Program to provide a platform for my clients to speak on several different sexual topics that they were unable to explore and process in other conventional group work. This program incorporates a multi-faceted approach that helps clients expand their point of view to further comprehend their behaviors and preferences, while also encouraging them to talk transparently (without judgment) about difficult sexual encounters. This has ultimately helped my clients feel that they are not alone in their experiences, particularly as it relates to sexual trauma and performance anxieties. Groups have helped clients recognize their strengths and resources by expanding on these qualities: enhancing their sense of self, developing more positive self-perceptions, and elevating self-confidence. 

Why Group Therapy?

Group therapy helps you to understand that you’re not alone in your struggles. It also allows you to develop more empathy and understanding towards the experiences of others, which in-turn helps you develop improved relational skills that can be utilized within other significant relationships. Given a space to have a “meeting of minds,” clients help each other solve common problems effectively with multiple perspectives at hand. 

The Sex Therapy Group Services at Infinite Intimacy Aim to Help You Feel at Peace Again. 


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