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Infinite Intimacy couple receiving couple's therapy and being intimate on the couch.

Couple's Counseling,
Sex Therapy, and Therapy for Individuals in Cooper City, FL

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Empowering women, men, and couples to embrace their true selves so they can experience fulfillment in life and in their intimate relationships.

Supportive, holistic counseling to help you feel more secure personally and sexually.

Let me help you change the story of your life...

At Infinite Intimacy, therapy is a collaborative process. We'll work together to broaden your perspectives and build upon your strengths and resources to help you achieve your dreams.

Rachel Smith, LMFT holding a sound bowl in her Cooper City, FL office
Couple holding hands and looking at the beach

Infinite Intimacy



I help empower committed couples, wholehearted women, and earnest men through a journey of love and healing to rekindle passion and satisfaction while developing a deeper connection with themselves and their partners.

Through compassionate therapeutic services, comprehensive workshops, and couple's getaways, our clients develop the confidence and courage to show up as their true selves in life and relationships. 

Rachel Smith, LMFT and Certified Sex Therapist sitting on her couch in the Infinite Intimacy office
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist

Rachel Smith


Couple kissing in field of grass - Rachel Smith Certified Sex Therapist

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Working with Rachel was the best therapy experience I've ever had! She catered to my needs and lead me to many breakthroughs with a gentle, guiding hand. We worked together for a few months and every session during that time was very productive. She allowed me to process not only what was going on in my life at the time but also delve into my emotions and learn how to feel them safely...


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