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Kotch Villa Jamaica Retreat

4 Day, 3 Night All-Inclusive Couples Retreat in Private Villas on the South Coast of Jamaica

An Immersive Experience Curated with Intention

Lover's Leap Couples Retreat

February 9th - 12th, 2023

Kotcha Villa Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Escape to the hidden beaches of Jamaica to enrich your love and deepen your connection...

This 4 Day, 3 Night All-Inclusive Luxury Stay in Private Villas on the South Coast of Jamaica is the perfect vacation to reignite the fire of your relationship.

Spots limited to 4 couples

Kotch Villa in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Bask in sunshine on your own, private beach...

This retreat is for...

  • Couples who have a spirit of adventure and are open and excited to try new and different experiences.

  • Couples who enjoy traveling together and are in need of a getaway

  • Couples who are looking for more intentional time to connect

  • Committed couples interested in learning how to keep their love vibrant, fresh, and meaningful

Couple laying on rock in Lover's Leap Couples Retreat in Jamaica
Kotch Villa in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Just in time for Valentine's Day...

Man and woman toes in the sand in Lovers Leap Couples Getaway Vacation

What  to  Expect

A little slice of heaven…

... Join us in making incredible memories you will remember for a lifetime...

  • All-Inclusive, immersive couples getaway located in a private villa on the beautiful beaches of Jamaica

  •  This soothing and restorative experience will allow you and your partner to find  peace and relaxation  in a remarkable location while reigniting the fiery side of your relationship

  • Learn to connect in ALL the different types of intimacy allowing you to expand and deepen your relationship

  • Explore the different types of touch through experiential exercises led by a Certified Sex Therapist

What's Included?

  • Accommodations in a luxury villa located on the southern coast of Jamaica

  • Excursions to local hotspots

    •  See where a tragic love story came to light

    • Sail the blue crystal waters to a fun surprise in the middle of the ocean

  • ALL meals!

    • Including lunch upon arrival & breakfast before check-out

  • Transportation from Montego Bay Sangster International Airport to the villas and back

What's NOT Included....

  • Flight to and from Jamaica

  • Unlimited Alcohol (Cocktails and wine will be available on a few occasions, while we suggest consuming alcohol in moderation as to not impede genuine intimate connection)

Two dogs playing on beach in Jamaica Treasure Beach Couples Getaway


This is NOT a lecture style event… this IS an immersion intended to help you experience a different level of connection with your partner


This is NOT a lifestyle event… the comfort and privacy of ALL guests are of utmost importance and boundaries MUST  be respected at all times.

Kotch Villa in Treasure Beach, Jamaica


One of the most beautiful times of the year in Jamaica! Thursday, February 9th to Sunday, February 12th

The weekend before Valentine’s Day!


 Kotch Villas is a hidden oceanfront gem in paradise and is located in Treasure Beach, Jamaica


Treasure Beach is a quiet town on the south side of the island that is relatively untouched by big tourism and large corporations


Get a feel for the REAL Jamaica…

Lovers Leap Retreat in Kotch Villa in Treasure Beach Jamaica

Why attend Lover's Leap Retreat?

The last couple of years have been a doozy! This experience will give you a chance to pull away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life packed with never ending responsibilities.

Your relationship deserves attention.

With all the things vying for our attention, couples often lose sight of each other if they are not intentional about spending quality time together. Your relationship deserves to be filled with love, passion, and excitement.

Learn from a Certified Sex Therapist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist about ways to create a deeper connection with your partner and reignite the flame of your sexual passion for one another.

Why wouldn’t you want to be in Jamaica?

The  Rooms



Master Suite with en-suite Bathroom. You and your partner will have plenty of space to lounge as this is our largest room option. Feel one with nature in this spacious master suite with it's own terrace. Allow yourself to get frisky under the stars in your outdoor shower and watch as the ocean views take your breath away.



$4977 for 2 people

Find a sense of renewal with nature right outside your window. Enjoy a fresh cup of local Blue Mountain coffee in the morning overlooking the ocean on your private balcony. Enjoy privacy in your own en-suite bathroom.