Hello, Im Rachel. 

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I believe that relationships are the cornerstone of our lives. The people we surround ourselves with and the connections we form shape who we are and how we perceive and respond to the world around us. Let’s take a moment to think about this… How would you describe the quality of your most significant relationships? Is there a relationship that’s taking a toll on other aspects of your life? If you’re in a committed relationship, what is the atmosphere like between you and your significant other? Do you feel close and connected? Do you still feel like this is the person you cannot live without? Is there passion, compassion, and attraction? 


While you reflect on this, keep in mind that the level of intimacy you're experiencing dictate all of these things. If your responses to these questions are less than favorable, you have come to the right place. 


I help individuals and couples who feel disconnected, disenchanted, discontent and dissatisfied within their relationships to rekindle and reignite excitement, devotion and adoration. Couples and individuals who work with me rediscover joy, freedom, comfort and confidence within their relationships and create a more authentic relationship with themselves and their partner, allowing themselves to see and be seen in a genuine way. This my friends is what true intimacy looks like, and it is the source of thriving and fulfilling relationships. 


My Story

Coming from a fairly conservative family, sex was NOT something that was talked about openly or freely. In high school, when the hormones kicked in, I was naturally curious about what was going on in my teenage world. I began to ask - What is this sex that you speak of, and what makes it sooo great?? The answers I received were very elusive and unclear, and I took this uncertainty with me to the University of Central Florida, where I became a psychology major. During that time, I was presented with an opportunity to volunteer at a center for sexually abused children. This is when I first witnessed the immense need for silenced populations to have a voice and a safe outlet of expression to begin the healing process. I learned how speaking one’s truth can lead to strength, resilience and empowerment, and I fervently watched how families were able to piece their lives back together after a state of brokenness and despair. 


I found my purpose. I knew I was meant to be an agent of positive change in this crazy world, to help reconcile, empower and enrich the lives of others. So, I pursued and obtained a Master’s of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University, where I continued to learn about the many delicate nuances of relationships. However, it was my first internship, which served the LGBTQ community, where I continued to engage in necessary discussions about sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and sexual trauma that others seemed to be shying away from or deeming taboo. Propelled to further expand my knowledge and education on these topics, I completed a state certification in Sex Therapy, where I learned even more about sexual health, sexual identity, sexual “dysfunctions,” and all that these entail. My consistent curiosity and exploration of sexuality and relationships gives me a unique perspective and different approach to intimacy, and it is this expertise that I share with you in my practice. 

Call Me...


Infinity Intimacy is a therapeutic service that offers an unbiased and safe space for individuals and couples to explore, process, and overcome the vast perplexities of intimate connections to revive that fading zest in themselves and their relationships. At Infinite Intimacy, I will help you broaden your perspective to see different points of view and discover solutions to various presenting problems. It’s important to consider that our perception shapes our reality. So ask yourself - What needs to shift for me to experience more passion and fulfillment in my life and my relationship? 


Through my experience and education, I can help you navigate through common misconceptions of intimacy, sex and sexuality, as well as help you overcome negative and destructive thoughts you may have about yourself and/or your partner. Allow me to be your bridge and your light to a brighter and more vibrant future. 


Together We Can Uncover Infinite Possibilities

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